General Guidelines

1. LBC does not administrate programs. Applicant is responsible for speakers, counselors, ushers, sound operators, first aid attendants and any other personnel connected to the program.

2. The use of alcohol, marijuana and any non-prescription drugs (controlled substances) is strictly prohibited. Smoking is not allowed anywhere on the Little Beaver grounds. Violation will be cause for immediate dismissal without refund of contractual obligation.

3. No pets allowed on the campgrounds.

4. With respect for other guests and the surrounding community, a noise-curfew of 11:59pm will be strictly enforced.

5. Guest groups must provide at least one adult supervisor for every ten school-age participants.

6. Persons under eighteen (18) years of age must be under the supervision of parents or other responsible adults. Overnight lodging will not be permitted for those without adult supervision.

7. Possession or use of any weapon, firearm, fireworks, or non-Little Beaver issued paintball guns is strictly prohibited.

8. Dress of campers and camp staff shall always be modest. Campers who wear attire such as bikinis, short shorts, or vulgar logos will be asked and expected to change clothes.

9. Males and females are not allowed in each others’ rooms (for camps, retreats, etc).

10. LBC reserves the right to book another group simultaneously if facility capacity permits.

11. Camp cabins and facilities will be left clean and ready for the next occupants according to the cleaning guidelines posted.

12. We do ask that renting groups during the spring season suggest to their individual campers to bring flashlights, as it gets dark in those seasons.

13. The renting group agrees to keep the grounds and buildings orderly and clean during the rental period and leave them in the condition in which they were found when first occupied. Renting group must clean rooms (including bathrooms): vacuum/sweep rooms, wiping down bathrooms, and remove trash to the designated garbage area. Any building left unclean will result in a fee.

14. The renting group agrees to provide a nurse – with the minimum requirements being a current First-Aid and CPR Certification, to be presented upon arrival. The responsibility lies with the renter to ensure that they cover what their insurance requires. Please contact the Camp Manager for a list of First Aid supplies provided by LBC. 

15. LBC operates the Snack Shack and will determine what menu items are sold.The Snack Shack is available during recreation times and after service in the evenings.  It closes every night at 11:30 pm.

16. Renting groups of 25 or more are awarded three individuals at no charge: 1 Camp Director, 1 Speaker, and 1 Camp Nurse.

17.  LBC expects all campers to pay the quoted Rental Rate for use of the facilities, food, and lodging, if a bed is available. We do not have a separate price for those who simply do not wish to sleep on campus in the lodging provided (this includes bringing your own motorhome).

18. Any guest who arrives on campus is required to sign-in and out at the kitchen. They will also be asked to pay a small fee for the use of facilities and if provided meals, there will be an additional charge of $12 per meal.