food service


Our Food Services team will prepare delicious meals while you are here at Little Beaver Camp. If you, or your child, have any special dietary requirements or food allergies, please ensure these are listed on your registration form and/or passed onto your leaders so we have this information prior to your stay at Little Beaver Camp. 

Food Service Guidelines

1. Promptness to meals is essential to maintain the quality of food and ensure Food Service staff will not be detained unnecessarily. There will not be a refund for persons who miss meals. Meal start times are as follows: Breakfast starts at 9:00 AM, Lunch starts at 1:00PM, and Dinner starts at 6:00 PM.

2. LBC will provide all kitchen staff. There will be a separate fridge available for camp renters to use at their convenience.

3. LBC personnel will determine menu for all meals. Applicant may submit request for specific menus. Cost and availability may prohibit requests from being met. We will try to accommodate for allergies and medical diets if we are made aware of this need with the final attendance guarantee, which needs to be provided no less than ten (10) days before camp begins. No menu alterations are permitted after final attendance guarantee is submitted. An additional $3 fee is required per person per meal, for those that need special allergy meals.

4. Renting group will help oversee cleanup and will be responsible to instruct campers on KP duty. Camp renters will take responsibility for ensuring that KP tasks are completed. A copy of KP tasks will be provided to you at camp.

5. If you purchased a meal plan that includes lunch on the last day of each camp, you may choose a sack lunch option to be prepared for your group and served at noon as you exit.

6. LBC does not provide paper goods/utensils/trays/cups for any meal besides those listed in the rental contract.  Guests are welcome to bring extra paper goods for surprise parties or things of that nature.

7.  Any Extra Snacks are $1.50 per snack per person and must be requested no later than ten (10) days before the camp begins.