Facility Care & Check-in/Check-out Times

1. Weekday check-in time is no sooner than 3 pm. This is when your lodging will be available. Check-out time is no later than noon (12pm) to allow LBC staff time to prepare for the next guests.

2. Weekend camps check-in time is no sooner than 3pm.  Check-out time is no later than 4pm on the last day of rental, unless as otherwise agreed.

3. A designated CONTACT PERSON shall contact the Camp Manager upon arrival and departure of LBC grounds. This leader is required to do a walk-through of the camp with a designated staff member at both entering and leaving the facilities. At this time they shall take full responsibility for proper care and use of the buildings, furnishings, grounds, and equipment used by the group. This must be done before campers register and are allowed on campus.

4. The guest group understands that LBC staff has final authority on all matters affected LBC, its facilities and its guests. The guest group agrees to pay for any damages to LBC property beyond normal wear caused by any member of said group.

5. Furniture, beds, game tables, etc are not to be moved or rearranged except by permission of the Camp Director.

6. Buildings, structures and trees are not to be climbed, altered or defaced in any way (this includes graffiti, as well as hanging or putting anything on or into the walls).

7. Any situation or circumstance on campus that requires extra cleaning such as lice, pets, etc., will be charged an extra cleaning fee.

8.  Any guests that have arranged to come in a night early are required to check-in with the Camp Manager no earlier than 7pm, unless as otherwise agreed. LBC will provide sleeping quarters, use of bathroom facilities and drinking water. Guests are expected to supply their own food and paper goods and means of preparing it.  A regular size fridge and freezer will be provided along with the use of our outdoor grills. However, the kitchen is not available for personal use.