Recreational Activities

We offer a number of recreational activities in both summer and winter on our beautiful property. Located on Lynda Lake the lake and waterfront provide hours of fun and enjoyment! 

A lifeguard is on duty during the peak summer recreation times for everyone’s safety. 

Swimming & Kayaking/Canoeing/Paddle boats

Countless hours of fun are had in the lake at Little Beaver every summer whether you are swimming or paddling on one of our kayaks or exploring on a paddle boat with your friends.


Get launched through the air into the lake by one of the favorite Little Beaver pastimes, the blob!

Water Trampoline

All the fun of a trampoline but on water! 

Basketball & Volleyball & GaGa Ball & 9 square in the air

Grab your friends and play any of these ball games!  

Campfire Pit

Enjoy the beautiful Alaskan evenings, whether in the summer or wintertime, with a bonfire. Wood is provided. 


Our grass field is available for a casual game of soccer or other fun games. 

Broom Ball 

A great winter activity for all ages.  Anyone up for hockey?


Down the hill you will go with the "top of the line" tubes during our winter season.  

Please Note: Certain recreation activities are only available during the peaksummer season. Please call our office for details and confirmation.