Jr. Internship FAQ's

How to apply:
You can fill out the application online at littlebeavercamp.com


Parents Q & A
What kind of supervision will they have?
All interns are supervised by the Camp Managers; Shep and Mandy Williams, even during free time. They will also have a “mentor,” (a college intern) that will serve as a “go to” friend to show them the ropes.

Will boys and girls be living in close quarters?
No. They will be housed in separate buildings and are not allowed in each others quarters. Is there a Curfew? Yes. Curfew is dependent on the work load and rotation schedule.

Can I come see my child?
We will not keep you from seeing or contacting your son or daughter if it is a necessity/emergency. Please remember they will be very busy and at times not be able to answer their phone. But we do suggest you give them space to grow in this experience on their own.

How many other Interns are there?
We typically have from 8-10 college interns with approximately of 2-3 Jr. Interns at a time.


Besides work, what will they be doing?
In addition to having fun and building relationships, we will be doing several discipleship sessions that they will be a part of:
-Winning with People- John Maxwell
-The Divine Mentor- Wayne Cordeiro
-SOAP Journal
-God’s Armor Bearer Devotional- Terry Nance

What are the benefits of my child doing this internship?
Not only can they get 100$ off their camp fee, they will begin to learn valuable leadership lessons as well as have the opportunity to grow deeper in their relationship with God. They will be in an environment that will help them find their strengths and weaknesses, along with finding what area of ministry God might be calling them.

If you have any other questions please call Mandy Williams at 907-350-1082.