Jr. Internship General Information

The Jr. Internship Program is designed to give High School Students in their Junior or Senior year practical ministry experience that will sharpen their skills and refine their character. We are looking for students who would like to devote two weeks of their time and energy to making camp happen while experiencing hands on discipleship.

It is our goal to invest in youth who are interested in ministry and have displayed a “call” of God on their lives. Little Beaver Camp strives to provide an opportune environment for students to learn a good work ethic and grow spiritually. In doing so, students will get a sense of where they are gifted and how best they can fulfill the call God has on their lives.

We are honored to have the opportunity to invest into our churches and state through our young people. We trust that through this internship their character will be strengthened and they will develop relationships that will last a lifetime!  We hope you can join us!

 Dates: June 1st- August 15th
The two weeks will be decided upon being accepted to the internship*. We are somewhat flexible if there is a certain two weeks that works best for you.
*Your acceptance will be based on a blessing from your pastor and parents with the understanding of what tasks and responsibilities will be asked of you.

Job Expectations:
Assist in Snack Shack
Assist Paintball Operations
Assist Meal preparation and service
Assist with Recreation activities
Assist in Grounds, Facilities and Janitorial upkeep

To go towards your camp fee:
50$ a week on the condition of a job well done
40$ a week for work that is “satisfactory”*
30$ a week if not able to fully complete the tasks requested!
*This will be evaluated by Little Beaver Staff members. Expectations and goals will be made clear ahead of time.

Transportation to and from the camp is not included. While at camp all transportation is included.
-Sunday transportation will be provided to church.

You will be staying at Little Beaver Camp.
You will share a room with other interns.

All meals will be provided for you by the camp.

Discipleship Sessions:
Jr. Interns are required to be at and join in all discipleship sessions (Mondays, Tuesdays, Fridays or as otherwise scheduled).
-Materials will be provided Daily Devotions SOAP Journal is also required and provided.

Free time may be available at times, but please come ready to work. While at camp all Jr. Interns
must be accompanied by a College Intern or by Camp Staff. Your whereabouts must be known by the Intern Directors at all times.
-If there is free time during the weekend we will do a team building exercise or a trip which you will also be expected to participate.